who we are

Collabo Design Studio is a collective collaboration between architects, designers & landscapers that crafts beautiful, unique and exciting design to help people express themselves into building. Creativity and passion leads everything we do. We build relationships with people. As our clients evolve, we help them to adapt by evolving with them, we learn new skills and grow our team. We believe in passion, and we’ll never lose our love of craft.
Our projects encompass private residence, hospitality fasilities -such as villa, hotel and estate. office and art gallery. From our base in Yogyakarta, Indonesia, we are responsible for projects throughout Indonesia and South East Asia.

how we work

In CDS, we believe good design come from good collaboration. Collaboration between us, the client , other consultants and the contractor. We see, design is part of solving problems. It’s about uncovering the challenge, having the idea, crafting the creative and delivering it properly. It’s the creativity that solves the problem. We take a common sense approach. We sit down with client and other team, look at a challenge, take time to understand it, bring the team together to talk about it, strip away anything we don’t need, and craft something that allows our clients to express themselves, beautifully. We understand when we have to collaborate, and when we have to use the speed skills in our studio to reach the target.
Whatever the challenge, however big or small, people deserve great quality design. So nothing leaves our studio until it’s properly presented. Nothing reaches our clients until it demonstrates our appreciation of detail.

what we do

Our services offering ranges from concept and preliminary design to construction drawing and supervision. Just check out all of the service lists below to get a general idea of what we are capable of delivering. And make sure to see our portfolio for proof of our awesomeness.

  • product design

  • feasibility study

  • masterplan planning

    • squeeze package

    architecture design

    • augmented 3D model
    • realistic image
    • 3D animation
    • art expression

    interior design


the partners